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Songwriting Retreat


Hey y’all! I had a very eventful weekend to say the least! It’s been full of new music and new people, so I figured I’d share! I drove out to Monteagle, Tennessee this past Thursday for a song writing retreat, where I spent a couple of days reuniting with friends ...

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Thursday Texas Music Update


Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! I’m going to try my best to put a new blog up every Thursday for y’all! Last Thursday I mentioned a little something about a live performance and a recording session, and today I’m going to tell y’all more about that! A few weeks ago I ...

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Penny Gilley Show


Well 2015 is off to a great start! Lots of exciting things have happened already and things are busy, therefore lots to post about! January is already coming to an end, which is just crazy to me.   Time flies so fast!   It’s already been a very busy month and February ...

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Bye Bye 2014


Hey y’all! Long time no post! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Rockin’ New Year. Let me tell you I got pretty dang wild on new years wait, just kidding no I didn’t. I went to Macalister’s with my best friend, ate a grilled cheese, fell asleep ...

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Hey y’all! I’ve mentioned before that I come from a rodeo family.   Yes, I’m the only one who doesn’t rodeo, and I’m terrified of horses ironically enough. But don’t underestimate my knowledge of it all. They’ve all taught we well, so I figured I would share a little explanation as ...

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Pumpkin Pie Part II – The Recipe


Hey y’all! This is part two of the “pumpkin pie series.” This recipe has been in my family for multiple generations, and I’m happy to share it with you. So, without further ado, let’s finish up our pie!   Ingredients needed: –       1 cup of homemade pumpkin filling –       1/3 ...

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Pumpkin Pie – Part One: The Filling


Hey y’all! This is part one of my two-part pumpkin pie post!  I already did a whole post on my mom’s world famous pecan pies, and showed y’all how to make those, so now It’s time for another Thanksgiving must – Pumpkin Pie! So, today is part one, because I’m only ...

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World Famous Pecan Pie


So, I mentioned in my recent Thanksgiving traditions post a little something about the pecan pies my mom and Nana make every year, and how I may or may not be writing a post on the recipe.  Well surprise surprise, I am! I was totally kidding about the recipe being ...

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